What on earth am I here for?

Come, and See…And dare to follow!

Bible Study to resume at Mary Running’s home this month.

The Purpose Driven Life

A six week journey begins on 18 January at 1:00 pm

The Purpose Driven Life series was a hugely popular and well received study when it was released fifteen years ago. It seems to fit in well with what we have been discussing thus far in our Bible Studies, so we have decided to look at it (again, for some people). It is essentially a forty day journey aimed at offering up to God all that we are, in order that He might use us as He has purposed. Risky, life-changing, and life-fulfilling. Which is precisely what we need, should we really desire to grow in our faith.

You are most welcome to join us at Mary’s home, 1482 Jarvis Rd – up Hwy # 15 above the 401. (613-541-0888).

(This study will be offered as well beginning in Lent as part of a Wednesday evening Supper and Study series)


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