Fr. Haynes travelling to Uganda

In August Fr. Haynes is traveling to Uganda to spend two weeks teaching at a school there run by the Anglican Church. We asked the school if there is anything he might take and this is what they suggested:

  • A couple of student atlases:  one more senior elementary and one more high school level.  A globe or two, if it is possible to get one to fit in a suitcase or
  • Math materials:  mira for teaching geometry and symmetry.
  • Laminated posters of world maps, or of Africa, solar system, human body rocks and minerals, water cycle, periodic table, light, sound, diagram of eye or ear, etc., that kind of thing.
  • Art supplies such as:
    • Pencil crayons,
    • Pencils,
    • Sketchbooks
  • For chapel or library:
    • A few books of common prayer,
    • Hymn or chorus books,
    • A study or reference bible
    • These could be donated or congregational extras, always welcome
  • This is more ambitious:  but any laptops still in good working order, or a data projector with attachments for a laptop.

If you would like to donate something along the lines above, please bring it to the church in the next few weeks. Fr. Haynes will have one suitcase he can put aside solely for these school supplies.


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