Summer Message from the Rector

Summer here in Canada is a season to cherish, for it tends to fly past very quickly indeed. Before you know it is August, and then September looms, and it is Autumn, and the summer and its sunshine is but a memory. Loved, but fleeting.

Yet while it is with us it truly is lovely. The green, the richness of the land, the sun – bright and cheerful shining upon us: Canada in the summer really is a wonderful place to be. A place of welcome, blessing and growth.

Which is what we sense we have is St. Mark’s as well.

As we gently walk through this summer season, may this time be a time of deep blessing to you, and may the Good News we have been given in Jesus Christ deeply ground you as you face your daily burdens. So many – friends, family – do not grasp what He so freely offers: hope and confidence in His presence. Life must be very wearisome indeed in that emptiness. Please, if you are reading this, know how welcome you would be to join us in our community, on a Sunday morning, as we live in the Hope He has given us to share.

Blessings to you this summer, and beyond.



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