Greetings from Uganda – UPDATED!

Friday, August 17

Am writing this on a borrowed phone as I say goodbye to students and staff as they come by the guesthouse to bid farewell. It has been a deeply moving two plus weeks: interacting with students and staff, visiting members of the parish, preaching and celebrating at all sorts of services (including two funerals both of which were three hours plus). The community here has been exceptionally welcoming: simply willing to accept anything I had to offer: sometimes I am sure it was not all that much, but they seemed grateful nonetheless. A time of blessing, hopefully both ways.

Visiting with the students, chatting with clergy, sharing stories of life in our respective countries – all has been a most profound experience – one which I am deeply grateful for indeed.

I am ready to return home I must admit, but am not at all sure if this is the last visit or merely the first of some: time and prayer will answer that.

I do look forward to sharing some of the stories of my time here, though I must admit I have taken very few photos…I hope I can relate the details without the pictures to back them up!

Thank you, very much indeed, for your prayers and support of this adventure.

Fr. Haynes

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Friday, August 3

Hello from Bishop McAlister College in South-Western Uganda, near the border of Congo and Rwanda.

I have been at the college for three days, and am beginning, just beginning to make sense of things.  Life is very different here.  The school is in the country, a long way from the nearest community. It is a boarding school for students from age 9 – age 19 and for people coming back to school for further studies in theology.  It is a large school: about 900 students in all, run by the Anglican Church here in Uganda, with a priest from New Brunswick as head of the school.

I have thus far taught in a few classes, celebrated Holy Communion and preached and answered many, many questions about life in Canada, which the students find fascinating as it contrasts so much from their own experience.  Snow, city life, our life-style: all is literally and figuratively a world away from things here.

The welcome has been tremendous and the kindness extraordinary.  It is indeed a blessing to be able to be here.

Tomorrow, (Saturday) there is to be a musical presentation of songs and dance from each class: listening to the children practice and prepare makes my heart sing it is so beautiful.

Blessings from Uganda!

Fr. Haynes

Fr. Haynes and students


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