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What is Baptism?

Baptism is a simple ceremony of washing in water, practiced by Christians since the time of Jesus. It is an outward sign of our commitment to God, of being forgiven and putting our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord. Those who seek baptism recognize it is a celebration of what God has done rather than something they do to merit God’s favour. We have access to a relationship with God only through what Jesus has done for us on the cross.

Being baptised into Christ is a recognition of his lordship over our life. We place our faith in his promises and live our life seeking to honour him above all. In the case of infants, this response of faith is made in the name of the infant by sponsors (parents and godparents) until such time as the child can make their own response. For both children and adults, baptism is a celebration that you belong to the family of God with all the promise and privilege that brings.

Why are there vows at a baptism service?

Baptism is more than just asking for God’s blessing on a person. The vows made by the person, or on behalf of a child, signify a commitment to Christ and his church. It is a solemn expression of dedication. God is a God who keeps his promises and he takes us seriously when we vow to live for him.

When and where should baptism take place?

Since God’s promises apply to us and our children it is just as appropriate to baptize infants as it is to baptize adults who wish to take hold of the promises of God. Since it is a welcoming into the family of God the service usually happens in the context of a church service.

Do I have to go to church to be baptised?

Christianity is not a legalism where you have to do things to get things from God. So church attendance is not a condition of baptism. But those who belong to the family of God will want to spend time with the family of God to learn and encourage each other, when they are able.

Who may be godparents/sponsors?

Anyone who has a firm faith in God and can keep contact with a child over the years and is willing to encourage them in their walk with God is ideal as a godparent.

What are the duties of godparents /sponsors?

With children, to pray for the child, to support the parents in the spiritual upbringing of the child, to encourage the parents in their own walk with God and to be someone outside the immediate family to whom the child can come to for counsel and encouragement. In the case of adult baptism sometimes people ask a friend or friends to support them as they make their commitment. These people are called sponsors and they undertake to pray for and encourage the person being baptised in the things of God.

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