Our Rector


Fr. Haynes Hubbard has been rector of St. Mark’s since 2012, when he and his family camFr Haynese to the parish after having served in Portugal for five years. He is married to Susan, a registered midwife, and father to Sebastian, Gabriella (both at university) and to Caspian, still at home. Fr. Haynes and Susan have a passion for experiencing life in other contexts, and have engaged that passion by living and working in a number of different countries during their careers.

Fr. Haynes studied Patristic theology while at undergraduate university in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and did his seminary training at Wycliffe College in Toronto. His studies since have been many and varied; from CS Lewis at Nashotah House in the US, to further doctoral studies at the University of Toronto to studies in the UK and in Spain.

Fr. Haynes’ passion for what Anglicans have been bequeathed with has given him a strong desire to preserve the use of the Book of Common Prayer in prayer and in practice. His sense of vocation to the church worldwide has lead him to lead teams to Central and South America numerous times, as well as to teach in a seminary in Uganda in 2018.

St. Mark’s is a parish very much rooted in the Canadian Military (being on the edge of a Canadian Forces Base). That has lead to Fr. Haynes joining the Canadian Armed Forces as a Reserve Chaplain for the Princess of Wales Own Regiment in Kingston, where he serves as a Captain in the Canadian Army.

When not leading Youth Group, or reporting for duty as a Military Chaplain, or leading a Bible Study at St. Mark’s Fr. Haynes loves to fish, play golf, listen to and sing good choral music and play games with Caspian.

He can be contacted at: fr.hqhubbard@gmail.com