Our Congregation

In their own words ….

The following is a sample of the words used by members of St. Mark’s to describe what St. Mark’s means to them.


“St. Mark’s  Community is a place of friendship.  St. Mark’s is a welcome beacon when events have darkened my door.  It is a place to interact with like people aiming at a similar goal.  St. Mark’s is a place where certain sermons hit home and present answers and guidance.  It is a place where our efforts have helped people who were in great need.  St. Mark’s is a place where I can find a friend.  It is a place that instils in me a feeling that I have accomplished something beneficial somewhere.”


“As I walk along Main Street to the early morning service, I reflect on the many villagers who walked before me over the past century and a half to worship at our beautiful stone church.  The warm, welcoming and friendly people at St. Mark’s are special indeed.  I feel very fortunate to have found a place in this wonderful community.  Thank you St. Marks!”


“One of the nicest things about attending St. Mark’s at either service is that you feel a part of a caring community.  A group of people who think of others, in the church, in the community and in the world. “


“Jesus promised that when two or three are gathered together in His Name, our prayers would be heard.  As we gather at St. Mark’s, our individual thoughts and prayers are magnified and our actions as a community of faith are enhanced.  Together, we can make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others, as we do the work of your church in the world.”


“To me, the community of St. Mark’s is one of welcome and warmth, friendship and fellowship, support and inspiration.  It lifts me up and reminds me that there is so much more to this life if we open our hearts and invite it in.  St. Mark’s – this community – grounds me and gives me a solid foundation to stand on.”


“Why St. Mark’s, especially when there are so many other Anglican Churches in Kingston? Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the church – its stain glass, woodwork and august location on the top of the hill – we found it friendly and inviting.  It felt like it was a place that we could make a spiritual home where we would be welcome and where there would be a place for us to contribute and to make a difference in the lives of our community, and this is what we have experienced in our worship here.”