IMG_0065Sunday Services

You are warmly invited to join St. Mark’s for worship and community life.  Perhaps you have passed our “church on the hill” and wondered what goes on inside?

When you come you will notice that common prayer is an important part of how we worship together. Our services draw from a rich tradition of set prayers, either from the Book of Common Prayer or the Book of Alternative Services.  The 08:30 am service in St Mark’s sanctuary is a  said service using the Book of Common Prayer.  The 10:00 am service at St Mark’s is a sung service using the Book of Alternative Services.

The Eucharist (also known as the Lord’s Supper or Communion) is a central part of our Sunday services.  All baptized Christians are invited to receive the consecrated bread and wine at Communion.  You are welcome to come forward for a blessing, whether or not you are baptized.

There is no “dress code” at our church.  Some may dress informally, and others more formally.  Wear what feels comfortable to you, and when you arrive feel free to sit wherever you feel most comfortable; there is no reserved seating!  All children, of all ages, are welcome.

Our services follow a pattern that begins with the gathering of the community, then listening to and reflecting on the Scriptures. The community then brings the needs of the world and the community to God in prayer, and the group partakes in the holy meal of bread and wine, before being sent forth into the mission of daily life.  All the details of the order of service are written down in our Pew Sheet which makes the service very easy to follow.  (You can find our recent Pew Sheets under the Recent Pew Sheets tab).

One part of our service is called the Peace, and people near you may greet you with a handshake and the words “The Peace of Christ” or “Peace be with you”.   Feel free to participate in a way that feels comfortable or appropriate for you.

There is also a collection of money during the service to support the congregation and the needs of others, collected by passing a plate.  You are welcome to contribute, but don’t feel obligated.  Many members of our congregation contribute through pre-authorized givings (PAG), with a contribution deducted from their bank account each month.  There are also envelopes available for visitors, or you can simple put an offering straight in the plate.

Our services follow the six seasons of the church year (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost) and the lectionary, a set list of Bible readings for the year.

The 10:00 am service is followed by refreshments in the church hall.  You are very welcome to join in and mingle, we would love to get to know you better, but don’t feel obligated to stay.