Ref: “how-the-world-worshipped-on-one-of-the-most-unusual-sundays-in-church-history” – “I really enjoyed seeing everyone gathered around their screens connecting for their services. It reminds me of when I was a kid, gathering around the radio on Sunday night for our favourite programs with all my family.” – Mary Running

“I realize that the secret to dealing with this block of unscheduled time is to treat is as a gift to be used as a precious commodity. In normal circumstances, there is never enough time and we wish for more; well now we have it!” – Mary Running.

“On Wednesday evening I had a call from Ali (Syrian family friends ) . He asked how we were doing . This was followed by his offering to help us, if we required help or in need of anything .  To me it was a touching experience.” – Gloria Cowan

“It feels as though this  disease has been a catalyst to mobilize the church into a grass roots beacon of hope and help by putting God’s love into action for everyone. I have been so blessed by offers of help and chats on the phone and encouraging emails over the past week.  The excellent communications from the Primate and all clergy and all of you folks who put your hearts and souls into St. Mark’s community have meant so much to me. ” – Mary Running