At St. Mark’s we joyfully share a common desire to serve others, and we are blessed and enriched by this ministry.  We support various local, national and international missions.

Local Outreach

Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre (KPCC)

In the spring each year, we participate in the “Change for Life” campaign where parishioners collect their change in baby bottles between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  These funds are used to provide mothers and their children with crucial supplies throughout the year, when they “run short”.

In November and December each year, we hold our annual “Christmas Hamper Campaign” in order to support 10 families whose names have been submitted to us by KPCC.  Each year, after receiving generous donations, our church family wraps the boxes and pack them with food, gifts for the children and baby supplies (like diapers and formula).  The drivers who deliver to the homes of the recipients know quite well how important these hampers are to those families and how happy they are to receive them!

Partners in Mission Food Bank

The Partners in Mission Food Bank, just off Montreal Street, is also an extremely important local mission for St. Mark’s with the monthly collection of non-perishable food items from all parishioners.

National Outreach

Arthur Turner Training School in Iqaluit (ATTS)

St. Mark’s supports the Ministry of the Council of the North, and specifically the Arthur Turner Training School (ATTS) in Iqaluit.  Many of us were unaware that pastors in the north receive no stipend for their work, and have huge territories to cover.

International Outreach

Hope School in Mbita, Kenya

St. Mark’s partnered with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at the University of Wyoming to help build a dormitory for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Africa.    The dormitory is now built but more work is needed to furnish it and connect it to a reliable water supply.

School in Cairo Egypt

Over the years, St. Mark’s has supported Bev and Chris Rupke in Cairo Egypt.  They have come to St. Mark’s on several occasions and spoken to us about their mission there.

Chol Chol, Chile

In July 2016, Pastor Silverio Ortiz and his wife Jacqueline came to Kingston as a reciprocal visit to the mission trip made by members of St. Mark’s to Chol Chol, Chile in 2015.  St. Mark’s and St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Dunnville, Ontario collaborated to raise sufficient funds to enable Pastor Sylvario and his wife to visit Dunnville, Kingston and Mississauga.