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The Province of Ontario government has announced a three step plan across the whole province to cautiously and gradually reopen Ontario. With similar caution, the Diocese of Ontario will gradually be reopening its church buildings and resuming in person ministry. 

Consistent with the Province of Ontario and Diocese of Ontario guidelines, and to allow sufficient time for the Warden's, the Alter Guild, and other volunteers to prepare our church building, revisit our protocols and practices, communicate with parishioners and ensure that everything is in place for a safe return, St. Mark's church will remain closed to in-person worship until Sunday, June 27.

At that time, the total number of people permitted to be present in the church building at any one time may not exceed the LESSER of 15% of the building’s pre-pandemic capacity OR the capacity of the building with physical distancing.

Further details will be provided in the coming weeks regarding pre-registration for in-person worship.

A complete copy of the Diocese Announcement regarding the reopening of churches can be found here