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As a member of St. Mark’s faith family, have you ever felt called to play a more active role in the ministry of the church, but didn’t know where to turn?

Perhaps you weren’t aware of all the opportunities that are available?  Maybe you were somewhat concerned with the time commitment that may be required?  Possibly even a little nervous about taking on something new that you hadn’t done before.  “Am I really qualified and able to do this?”

Why not consider joining St. Mark’s Parish Council?  The time commitment is minimal – just a willingness to attend one meeting, once a month.  (That’s just 0.2% of your time in any given month).  The only qualifications needed are your personal life experience.  If you are a long-time member of St. Mark’s, your familiarity with the history and heritage of St. Mark’s is invaluable.  If you are a newcomer to St. Mark’s, your ability to bring forward new ideas and experiences from other churches, is priceless.

As a member of St. Mark’s Parish Council, you would be supporting the Wardens and Rev. Sandra in discerning the vision & goals for our parish and making recommendations on any other matters affecting the parochial and extra-parochial responsibilities of the parish.  You would review and provide inputs to the work being done by the various committees and groups within St. Mark’s and you would provide inputs to St. Mark’s Annual Budget.

Or why not consider joining one of the many committees and groups within St. Mark’s, such as the Worship & Music Committee, the Altar Guide, the Altar Servers, the Readers and those that offer Prayers of the People each Sunday, the Greeters who welcome us, those that provide for the Coffee Hour after Worship each Sunday, the Mission & Outreach Committee, the Building & Grounds Maintenance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, the Tower Restoration Committee, the organizers of the Special Events, and so on.  Again, the time commitment is limited and can be tailored to your personal availability, and each group/committee draws on the God-given gifts and talents of its members.

As for taking on something new, there is always someone there to help you, and doesn’t God always encourage us to experience the joy of taking that step into the unknown?

“Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus. (Matthew 14:29)

To learn more, please reach out to Rev. Sandra, the Wardens, or any of those currently supporting the various committees and groups within St. Marks.

Then please - Dive In!