Our Rector

HubbardFr. Haynes is passionate about many things, and fairly ambivalent about others. He loves choral music, and good liturgy (preferably using the Book of Common Prayer!) but also loves to lead Youth Groups singing praise songs on his guitar – if he knows the chords. He loves looking outward – the sense that if he and the parish try and reach out, they leave the parish open for God to reach in. It seems to work, and results in extraordinary things happening in both realms.

Fr. Haynes and his wife Susan met in university as they chatted about working overseas, and ever since they have been allowing God to lead them where He wants them. So far that has been in a number of different countries in Central and South America, Europe, and various places in Canada. They love to travel, and love to experience the variety that life throws at them. Their children seem to have caught the bug, as they too have already been hither and yon, Gabriella recently coming back from three months in India, and Sebastian, the eldest studying in BC. Caspian stays at home for the moment, where he pesters dad to play catch outside.

Susan is a Registered Midwife, so where-ever they go in Kingston chances are someone has had a baby that she has delivered: Fr. Haynes is always happy to offer a resultant baptism! They have fallen in love with the community at St. Mark’s, and hope that others might discover what they have found there: a group of people open to the Holy Spirit, and eager to see what God in Jesus Christ might do through them.

It is a good place to grow indeed.

He can be contacted at: [email protected]