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Dog Days

That’s where we are just now. In the dog days of summer. When the sun is shining, the humidity is high and we are grumbling (just a little) even as we remember just a few weeks ago the rain and the cold and the absence of the summer we are in the midst of.  We never seem to be satisfied!

Someone mentioned the other day they had seen a deer in our yard as they drove past. Certainly when I drive up the lane I have to be careful not to drive too quickly because of the rabbits, the ground-hogs, the ducks and the squirrels (the deer has kept away so far for me). It is, our spot here in Barriefield, something of an oasis in the middle of the city. Which we certainly do not take for granted.

Instead we give thanks for all we have been blessed with.

We really do.

Not long ago I was chatting with someone about this God whom we worship here at this church. He shared with me that he cannot believe in the God we meet in Jesus Christ. For all sorts of reasons. Which pained and somewhat worried him. I listened, and reflected upon what he told me. And I realized that in some sense that is just fine, because the God in whom some do not believe does not share that disbelief. In us. Instead He absolutely believes in us. So much so that He came amongst us, at great personal risk, to show us just how much He in fact does believe in us. And loves us; and wants us to find what we are looking for – happiness and peace and, dare I say, life. He really does. 

Which for me is a wonderful thing to ponder, I think, in these long sultry days of summer. A God who loves us, even when we do not even know Him. He loves us, and is patiently waiting for us to realize just that.

You would be most welcome to join our community here at St. Mark’s as we wonder, in some awe, at just who this God is.

In the beauty of East Kingston, in these dog days of summer.

Fr. Haynes and the Community of St. Mark’s Church


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