Welcome to St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Barriefield, Kingston

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Sunday Mornings at 8:30 and 10:00

The ‘Welcome’ page on our website (under the First Visit? tab up above) is a little provocative, we know that. But it does, amidst all the verbiage, say something of what we want to say: that none of us, and all of us, actually belong to this community which gathers here, at the ‘Church on the Hill’ here in Barriefield, East Kingston. None of us rate what we are receiving – but all of us are blessed by it. The ‘it’ being a sense of welcome and community which extends from the babies baptised last Sunday to our more mature fellows, who love this church community deeply and well. All of us have found a sort of home here, which we would love to share with others, should you feel like joining us. It is our prayer that you might sense what we rejoice in – a place of welcome and joy, of activity and prayer, a place of life and a place of challenge, as we seek to be more than what we sometimes settle for.

If you are new here, or if you have driven down Hwy #15 a hundred times and wondered what that church hidden in that village is all about, consider this an invitation to come and see. You will be welcomed, and I am pretty sure, surprised at the community you will find here.


Welcome to St. Mark’s Church website!  You can find out more about us under the First Visit? tab up above.  If you have children, also check out the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry under the Ministries tab.  Better yet, come to worship on Sunday.  We would love to meet you and show you around.  If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child, or would like to arrange a wedding at St. Mark’s, you can also find more information under the Resources tab.

If you are a member or friend of St. Mark’s congregation, don’t forget to check out the Events tab.

If you would like to rent our church hall, or have any other questions or comments, we can always be reached via the Contact Us tab.