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There is something in the air here at St. Mark’s (and it is not a result of the digging behind the Parish Hall). It has been percolating for some time, and was evident at our Vestry Meeting in February, was noted at a Missions and Outreach conversation, was very obvious at our Reflection Morning, and is still bubbling away causes heads (and hearts) to turn in Men’s groups, Bible Studies and Sunday morning worship.

‘It’ can only be described as something of a ‘God-prod’. A ‘God-poke’. A push, from the One we worship, to move forward , in faith, for Him. How else to account for the notion of going into Greenwood Park to pick up garbage? Or having the Youth Group sleep-over on Maundy Thursday and not eat for 24 hours to raise funds for other hungry children they will never meet in North Kingston? Or going into the schools here in East Kingston to ask what we can do for children we have no relationship with: just a desire to offer blessing?

All very strange courses of action: understandable only if we acknowledge Him as the source of this dis-ease, and attribute the prodding to His pushing us, His people, out of our comfort zones.

Which it seems obvious He is doing.

‘If it doesn’t frighten you, its not worth doing’. There is something of that whisping about here at St. Mark’s. Something of that feeling in the air here. We are about something more than ourselves. And we have discovered, and are discovering, that that is life-giving. And joy imbibing.

When we celebrate Easter here at St. Mark’s we are not only proclaiming His Resurrection, but ours, most assuredly, as well. Here at St. Mark’s, in Barriefield, East Kingston the Risen Lord is proclaimed, and His triumph gives us life. And our reason for being.

And upon that we are acting. With passion.

Happy Easter, and share that Good News!

Fr. Haynes and the community of St. Mark’s


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