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Getting Ready for Christmas

I met with someone recently, whose family life was in a muddle. Children, spouse: everything seemed slightly ‘out of whack’. So we chatted, and I, upon listening, remarked that, even though life was chaotic it seemed to me from my perspective that they had a handle on the big picture – so could, I hope, manage the details. And then I said gently that if they ever needed a place to go and hear some good news – some cheerful, hopeful news – which would not be more weight on them but rather an invitation to unload – to shake off some of the burdens they were carrying – they would be welcome to sit, quietly at the back of the church, and just ‘be’.

And no-one would pester them, no-one would bother them. They could just come, and ‘be’ with the One for whom this wonderful 175 year old building is for. And they could, if they would like to, talk to Him, and He would, I am certain, talk to them.

If they would like to.

Which is perhaps what you might need as well, as you maneuver through this season as we approach Christmas. I had an email the other day and it referred to the Christmas Season as the ‘silly’ season. I suppose it is, but it doesn’t have to be. If you can find, and keep, perspective it can be a season of power and deep blessing.

If you need a place to simply come and find a moment’s peace, in a very unpeaceful world, and sometimes season: know you would be most welcome indeed.

Fr. Haynes and St. Mark’s congregation


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