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175th Anniversary

We have a sign on the outside of the church building, letting the passers by know that we are celebrating our 175th Anniversary this year. It is a banner attached to the stones on the wall. A number of people have commented on it, having noticed it as they drive past.

‘175 Years? Well done! Congratulations!’

All of which is kind of them, but not really warranted, as being open for the past 175 years is interesting, but unless we have been a blessing to the community in which we are located we might as well close up shop right now.

Yet I think we have been, to be honest. I think St. Mark’s has been a place of blessing to all sorts of people these past 175 years. A place of refuge, welcome, sanctuary, community, growth and safety in all sorts of ways, to all manner of people.

Which makes me wonder – and we have issued something of a challenge to ourselves – what we should put on the next banner on the outside wall in April when the Anniversary year comes to an end. We will no longer be celebrating 175 years – instead we will be proclaiming what it is we have been about these past years – and wish to be offering: life and hope and vitality and Good News to those who might need such good news.

If that might be you – please consider this an invitation to come and join us – and perhaps fill in the blank banner with a message to those who pass by: that this church building is no museum. Instead it is a place of welcome and blessing. Where a community gathers to wonder, in slight awe, at who has come amongst us in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Blessings to you this New Year. And do know how welcome you are to join us.

Fr. Haynes and the community of St. Mark’s


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