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Initial repairs to the tower will commence on or around September 4, 2023.

As noted in our Special Update on July 8, the emphasis this year is on those elements of the work that do not require extensive scaffolding, and that would minimize any further degradation of the tower masonry.

Although access to the church building during the week will need to be coordinated with our Construction Manager, Sunday Worship Services will not be affected.

A Heritage Permit is in place for the work.

Our ability to commence the Phase 1 tower restoration work this year is possible as a result of the generous donations from members and friends of St. Mark's, and grants from the Pittsurgh Community Benefit Fund ($35,000) and the Anglican Foundation of Canada ($10,000), whose support we gratefully acknowledge.

It is still the intent to commence the remaining Phase 2 tower repairs and reconstruction, that will require more extensive scaffolding, in the Spring of 2024. More details will be provided as they become available.